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jeff4Jeff MacKey Media Services
c/o New Mythic Take Productions
P.O. Box 1795
Summerville, SC 29484-1795


For more information, contact me at jeff@newmythictake.com.

Visit me at Facebook.





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Trident Technical College
North Charleston, SC
Associate's Degree - Film Production
Non-Linear Film Editing Certificate

California State University, Fullerton
Fullerton, CA
Bachelor of Arts in English (Cum Laude)
Philosophy Minor


Additional coursework completed at:

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Jeff MacKey Editor's Reel
Narrative, Animation & Music Video

Holy Yoga
Instructor Training

Meet The Sky
Music Video Promo

Southland Soap
How to Use a Shampoo Bar

Holy Yoga
Jesus at the Core Workshop

Heart of the Caregiver
Part 1: Our Story

Facebook Store Promo


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Video Editing/Post-Production

JMMS offers professional video editing along with a wide variety of post-production services, including audio mix, color timing, graphics/animation, original music, DVD authoring and compression/export services.


JMMS is available for single camera shoots in either HD or standard definition, and arrangements can be made for multi-cam shoots with crews to suit your video needs.


JMMS can provide original, royalty-free music in a wide variety of styles to suit your project.

Web/Graphic Design

JMMS can also assist with your web or graphic design needs, from webpage design to company logos/graphics.


Please contact JMMS regarding your media project, and we will be happy to discuss the costs and logistics involved as well as how we might work within your budget.


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  • Born to Explore with Richard Wiese, television series (Litton's Weekend Adventure on ABC); Explorer Films
    Winner - 2015 Daytime Emmy, "Outstanding Sound Mixing - Live Action"
    Winner - 2013 Daytime Emmy, "Outstanding Single-Camera Cinematography"
    Nominated for 11 Daytime Emmy Awards
    2013 & 2014 Parents' Choice Gold Award
    2013 Cynopsis Kids !magination Award
    2013 & 2014 Telly Awards - including 2014 Bronze Award for Editing (#226)
    Finishing Editor (all episodes, 2011 - 2016, 5 seasons)
    Editor (37 episodes):
    • Episode #107 ("North Carolina: Living with Bears and Wolves")
    • Episode #113 ("Labrador: Gateway to the Arctic")
    • Episode #114 ("North Carolina: The Wild Side")
    • Episode #104-INT ("North Carolina: The Wild Side,")
    • Episode #108-INT ("Hawaii: Secrets of the Islands,")
    • Episode #110-INT ("Hawaii/Belize: Saving Sea Creatures")
    • Episode #111-INT ("Labrador: The Last Frontier")
    • Episode #209 ("Taste of the World")
    • Episode #210 ("Cyprus: In Search of the Golden Fleece")
    • Episode #211 ("Canada: The Islands of Beauty")
    • Episode #216 ("The Wild Life")
    • Episode #217 ("Hidden Villages")
    • Episode #223 ("Bears Across America")
    • Episode #226 ("Mysteries of the Desert")
    • Episode #203-INT ("Cyprus: Island of the Gods")
    • Episode #205-INT ("Deserts: The Sands of Time")
    • Episode #206-INT ("Cowboys of the Americas")
    • Episode #207-INT ("Bears of North America")
    • Episode #210-INT ("Legends of the Tribes")
    • Episode #303 ("Rhythms of the World")
    • Episode #304 ("Games People Play")
    • Episode #309 ("Dig It!")
    • Episode #310 ("Taste of the World")
    • Episode #317 ("A World of Dance")
    • Episode #319 ("It's a Dog's Life")
    • Episode #323 ("Horse Play")
    • Episode #324 ("Made by Hand")
    • Episode #325 ("Strange Food")
    • Episode #326 ("Ultimate Survivors")
    • Episode #402 ("Birds of a Feather")
    • Episode #405 ("A Seal's Life")
    • Episode #408 ("Extreme Survivors")
    • Episode #409 ("Inspired by Nature")
    • Episode #418 ("Street Eats")
    • Episode #509 ("An American Harvest")
    • Episode #517 ("It Bites")
    • Episode #518 ("Wild Things")

    • DogTown USA, television series (The CW); Litton
      Editor (2015 - 2016, 26 episodes)

      • The Dog Whisperer Family Edition with Cesar Millan, television series (The CW); Litton
        Editor (2014 - 2016, 30 episodes)

        Outback Adventures with Tim Faulkner, television series (ABC); Litton
        Editor (2014 - present, 51 episodes)

        Brain Games - Family Edition, television series (Go Time!); Litton
        Editor (2016 - present, 26 episodes)

        Born to Explore with Richard Wiese, television series (PBS); WGBH
        Editor/Finishing Editor (2016 - present, 26 episodes)

      The Activists, feature documentary; Director: Melody Shemtov
      Finishing Editor/Color Correction/Additional Music
      Completed, 2017

    And Again, short film; Director: Donna Jones
    Editor/Sound Design
    Premiere: March 14, 2015 @ Charleston Film Festival

  • Selfishness, short film; Director: Jack Dunn
    Completed, 2013

  • The Exchange, short film; Director: Caleb Sadler
    Premiere: March 2, 2012 @ Charleston Film Festival - Winner: Best Regional Short

  • Untitled 2016 New Mythic Take Project, short film; New Mythic Take Productions
    In development

  • anotHer day, short film; Director: Caleb Sadler
    Editor, Sound Design, Soundtrack Composer
    Premiere: May 7, 2011 @ Lowcountry Indie Shorts 5, North Charleston, SC

  • Assumed Identity, short film; New Mythic Take Productions
    Premiere: January 23, 2011 @ One Night Stand Short Film Showcase

  • Liberating Jesse, short film; Director: Rebecca Pryce
    Assistant Editor
    2009 SC Film Commission Production Grant Award
    Premiere: April 14, 2012 (Charleston International Film Festival)

  • Butterflies Wake, television pilot, Writer/Director: Arlene Lagos; D.A.M.E. Media
    Premiere: June 23, 2011 @ Film Meets Fashion, Charleston, SC

  • Registered in Hell, short film; Director: Mark Gorman
    Assistant Editor, Post-Production
    Currently in post-production

  • Yet Another Raid, short film; Director: Shannon Laribo
    Premiere: April 14, 2011 @ Ashley Hall, Charleston, SC

  • Cooking with Michelle, short film; Producer/Director: Erika Timmons

  • Deep and Secret Things, short film; New Mythic Take Productions
    Director/Editor/Co-writer/Soundtrack Composer
    Premiere: May 8, 2010 @ Lowcountry Indie Shorts Festival, North Charleston, SC

  • Family Values, short film; Command Performance Productions; Director: Karen DeLoach
    2010 Film Challenge, September, 2010

  • artistic (dis)content, short film; New Mythic Take Productions
    Premiere: April 30, 2010 @ North Charleston Arts Festival Film Showcase, North Charleston, SC


  • Holy Yoga
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Southland Soap
    Lexington, KY

  • Charleston International Film Festival
    Charleston, SC

  • Addlestone Hebrew Academy
    Charleston, SC

  • North Charleston Smiles
    North Charleston, SC

  • CupcakeCamp Charleston
    Charleston, SC

  • Promo-Place
    Editing/Videography and Graphic Design
    North Charleston, SC

  • The Heart of the Caregiver Ministries
    Video Editing
    Charleston, SC

  • American Promotional Products
    Graphic Design
    North Charleston, SC

  • International Christian Church
    Web Design
    Goose Creek, SC

  • Meet the Sky
    Music Video Editing
    Charleston, SC

  • isadore and exray
    Web Design
    Concord, CA

  • The Aardvark Convention
    Web Design
    Brea, CA

  • Tex!
    Music Video Editing
    Charleston, SC

  • Tommy Hutchins, Stand-Up Comedian
    Video Editing
    Charleston, SC

  • The Bluth Company Soccer Club
    Video Editing
    Summerville, SC

  • Crosstowne Christian Church
    Video Editing
    Charleston, SC


Writ on Water
Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Principal Songwriter (1991 - present)

Guitars, Treatments, Synth (2011 - present)

Soundtrack Composer:
Deep and Secret Things (2010)
artistic (dis)content (2010)
anotHer day

Original music composed for:
Southland Soap
The Heart of the Caregiver Ministries
CupcakeCamp Charleston
The Bluth Company Soccer Club


Trident Technical College Film Department, Instructor
Advanced Post Production II
Senior Film Editing
Digital Distribution


  • Wedding Videographer (2006-11)


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  • Final Cut Pro
  • Avid Media Composer
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Logic Studio Pro
  • ProTools
  • Soundtrack Pro
  • Color (Mac)
  • Compressor
  • DVD Studio Pro
  • Adobe Encore
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Blender
  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)

Other Skills:

  • Film directing
  • 16mm Flatbed Editing (Steenbeck)
  • Screenwriting
  • Musician: guitar, singing, songwriting, audio engineering/production
  • Conversational Italian
  • Paralegal knowledge and background - probate/non-profit/civil defense


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